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夢見ましょう, we can dream

夢を見ましょういつまでも、 夢を見ましょう夢のような、 夢を見ましょう

12 July

名前わ lovemuck. Born on 1987 July 12th, landed some part of Singapore, a Chinese. Currently still a Student, if that permits me to label myself as a student. =D If you wanna know my real name, you'll have to add me on your friends list. I go by berryjuice, leafoaf on forums, so if you see these two username, that's probably me, unless someone decides to use these two weird usernames, which I highly doubt so. Especially leafoaf

To friend me: Able to take my full max of fangirlism, have common interests/love with me, not my offline friends, unless i decided to friend you. Common interests/love by means all my daisuke section, or if you are a JE fan, I'll most welcome to add you as my friend. ^_^ ALL JE FANS RULEZ.... hehe....Also if you wanna just download stuffs, please do not friend me unless you think you are able to be as bitchy as me. *hoho* And I don't befriends with empty LJ unless u planning to stalk all my posts, which I highly doubt anyone will be so bored till that extend. ^-^'' All 手越裕也、加藤成亮、すばる渋谷、大倉忠義、高木雄也 I welcome you to friend me!!! Ok, I'm crazy.... hahaha....
Music:NEWS, 関ジャニ8, w-inds, Lead, 倖田來未, Orange Range, UVERworld, Mr. Children, Exile, 安室奈美恵, 伊藤由奈, Kis-My-Ft2, JJ Express, Hey Say JUMP.手越裕也、加藤成亮、すばる渋谷、大倉忠義、高木雄也、横尾渉、藤ヶ谷泰輔、知念侑李、小山慶一郎、山田亮介。飛輪海,辰亦儒。

Anime: Hellsing, Peace Maker, ヤマトナデシコ七変化、地獄少女、桜蘭高校ホスト部、ラブ★コン、ドラえもん、探偵学園Q、Full Metal Alchemist, XxXHolic, Bleach.

Manga: 地獄少女、Death Note, XxXHolic, 地獄少女、桜蘭高校ホスト部、探偵学園Q.

Dramas: 终极一班,终极一家,花样少年少女,花より団子、探偵学園Q、花ざかりの君たちへ、ごくせん、がんばって いきまっしょい、ドラゴン桜、有閑倶楽部、3年B組金八先生、鬼嫁日記、下北サンデーズ、地獄少女、アテンションプリーズ、ガチバカ!、マイ★ボス マイ★ヒーロー、Ns'あおい、喰いタン、ウォーターボーイズ、野ブタ。をプロデュース。

Movies: Independence Day, Casper, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Charlie and the Chocolate factory, Series of unfortunate events.

♥ sleeping, BL, Yaoi, listening to music, watch anime/jdrama/twdrama/movies, read manga, soft toys, pooh bear, changing handphones, play DS games, puzzle games, writing letters, sending mails, retail therapy.

Who will you claim?

Part of

*Asians Kick Bootie* Blog CrewYoshihiro Yodogawa

Tegoshi Yuya of NEWS is MINE. All thanks to malystrynx

I will kiss Yodogawa Yoshihiro onNew Year's

☆~{Yoshihiro Yodogawa}~☆EVIL~TWINBlog Crew

i had an AFFAIR with Yokoo Wataru

yourWEDDING with Yokoo Wataru is held at MASSUiance™house!

I got Yokoo Wataru as my New Year's Eve DATE

Yokoo Wataruis my date for VALENTINE ♥ this year!

Yoshihiro Yogogawa~ Confessed his love to me on Valentines Day ~

Yokoo Wataru makes my SUN shine bright~

Yokoo Wataru is a THIEF...he stole my heart

Yokoo Wataru is my special angel

Yokoo Wataru holds the to my

♥ » I saw [Kitayama Hiromitsu] and [Fujigaya Taisuke] sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

OMG! Takaki Yuya Won't stop singing me LOVE SONGS w/ his SEXY VOICE!♪

Takaki Yuya Fire Rabbit

|| ♡Yokoo Wataru|| asked for MY number on my BIRTHDAY~!!

I got *Yokoo Wataru for my birthday

[Yodogawa Yoshihiro]stripped for me and I for HIM

[Yokoo Wataru] stole °[Lovemuck]° first [under the moonlight]
;;and it was magical~

Me and Yokoo Wataru went to the store to get some groceries but ended up buying ice cream and some chocolate sauce instead, wich I later smeared all over him and then I slowely licked him clean.

Tegoshi Yuya and I share an umbrella under the rain.
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