Selling Post in December 2009

yes. again selling lots of JE stuffs. for the sake of clearing things in my room. they are all cluttering around in my room. no more space for my other stuffs!!! >_< I'm a freaking shopaholic..... *faints* anways muz state in 2009. my last selling post was in 2008.. *faints* and I kinda forgot how to put under cut *dies*
oh wells. people who like them please clear my stuffs for me as a deed k? (: will throw in freebies if you bought lots of stuffs from me!!!

Information tat you need to know:
1. I'm located in Singapore.
2. Items are all listed in SG$ (a bit hard for me to list in other currency, but if u need, do ask. (:)
3. Items are all listed without shipping fees, shipping fees will be bore by buyers.
4. Willing to meet up for local buyers. (only in the west n town, sorry easties)
5. Accept concealed cash [sent upon buyer's own risk], paypal/credit [please note that there will be 3.4% fee charge] or bank transfer [for local buyers]
6. Payment to be made within 3 days for paypal/credit and bank transfers. Payment to be received within 2 weeks for concealed cash payment. If payment not received by date, items will be released back for sale.
- For paypal, payment should be made using SG$. =) (sorry only accepting SG$, but for concealed overseas US$ is accepted. for paypal & credit, only SG$)
7. I do combine shipping.
8. Any questions, feel free to ask me. ^_^ I'm nice, I don't bite.
9. if you are too shy to post any comments here (i think only), do drop me an email at takaki.seed [at] gmail [dot] com I will be more than willing to answer ya inquires or ya orders.
10. If you are interested, please do cfm with me, if not I'll just take it tat your post is an inquiry and will let the next person have it if they cfm with me first. ^_^ Thank you.
11. Once you have cfm but yet to pay, the items will be on pending with ya LJ name. do check if they are the items tat u've ordered. (:

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more coming up next.....
dvds and magazines cheap sale!!!

I miss listening....

I miss NEWS suddenly..... ):
Its been a long time since I last dropped by <lj user=news_jpop> and I realised how much that I've missed out..... and I didn't get the chance to order the first press of 恋の ABO. which has a featured DVD. oh wells, shall wait for someone to upload those. but still I miss listening to NEWS LIVE. I miss drooling over Tegopan and Shige-san... T____________________________T I'm soo busy with my work that I'm already suffering from insomnia haiz..... now I'm missing NEWS too much.....

saw someone's usericon on Chinen, suddenly realised that the little cute boy has grown a lot.... >_> ok I've lost my interest for HSJ for quite sometime already but still Chinen has already grown up a lot..... ok all HS7 members seems to grow a lot.... saw the mag cover like last week? i dunno can't remember when did I went Kino and saw the mag cover.... haiz.... I realised I feel so old and feel like a workaholic >< boo....



despite that he is no longer in the show-biz.

I still love this dork.

the tallest dork in JE.

the cutest thing in Ya-Ya-Yah.

The only thing that I ever missed so badly.


He turns 18 this year.

I hope wherever he is right now, he's doing fine.

And going strong too.

I hope to see him back soon.

which I dunno if that will come true.

Nevertheless, i hope he have a great birthday.

♥ Taiyo

*wants to post on the date thus edit of time :P*



despite that he is no longer in the show-biz.

I still love this dork.

the tallest dork in JE.

the cutest thing in Ya-Ya-Yah.

The only thing that I ever missed so badly.


He turns 18 this year.

I hope wherever he is right now, he's doing fine.

And going strong too.

I hope to see him back soon.

which I dunno if that will come true.

Nevertheless, i hope he have a great birthday.

♥ Taiyo

*wants to post early thus edits the date :P*


I dunno how should I title my post which I will try to summarize my Japan Winter Trip 2008.

Seriously it was really a very very fulfilling and adventurous trip that I've ever had and probably will never get to experience it again.

Is it a good thing or a bad thing you'll decide it then.

Pictures will tell the story first xDDD I dunno how to put all my feelings about the trip into words yet.

I guess some tings are not meant to be describe with words. not with the feelings of the trip.

It makes me wanna go back again next year.

This trip is more like a going back Japan trip rather than a trip to Japan.

A feeling of going home and blending into the place.

Ok lets have da pictures to tell the stories.
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went Kino ytd and today.

Bought Princess Princess D PB.....

♥_♥ Takeru in hime clothes kyyyyyaaaa .....

*lost in the fantasy world*

Bought D-boys Start today.. *ooppss*

*starts to fangirl other jimusho boys*

and I get to know that my brother likes Kamei Eri from H!P w00t

I didn't know until today

he actually went to buy the PB xDDDD
Rain Angel *_*



yes I'm back like 2 days ago

but I was too tired to blog

haha anyways those who read min n shannon blog will know

will have a more detailed update soon

we almost didn't made it back

we reached the airport like on 25 mind b4 our flight

by then we were not even allowed to check in

luck was with us I say

our plane was delayed for 40 mins so they allowed us to check in

lucky weather was bad tat day as well

super cold !!!!

anyways this post is more for Christmas n my blog anniversary

yes my blog turns 3 today !!!!

long live lj!!!

if not for lj I won't be able to go japan I guess haha

n also merry christmas everyone

hope everyone have a great one


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yes.... today is our 6th day in Japan and the only day in Kumamoto....(^。^)

i mentioned i:ll blog ytd but then i was too lazy to go back down to the lobby and we had to be sleeping early when we didnt had enuff sleep and travelling all the way to Kumamoto for 4 hours is a torture....

じゃ、lets start from day 3 where i left with NEWS Con 最高感じのpost.

on that day we went Johnnys shop at Osaka, Shinsaibashi to be exact

we found the place easily and due to the fact tat it was a weekday, where was not much people and rather spacious!!! (^-^)v

after that we went to Shinsaibashi area to walk around.... more like initally we wanted to walk to JR Namba to take to USJ, but somehow we walked the opp direction and as girls, we kinda bought quite a no of things.... the place is just like Harajuku xDDDD

I got myself a pair of boots which was thank god for later part of the day.... and some other stuffs...

anyways i think we spent abt 3 hours there I guess.... and headed to USJ ♥

first things, we managed to took photos with The Runner, Betty and Shriek plus Princess when we arrived at USJ xDDDD cho LUCKY!!!

I love USJ!!! we got lots of fun even just to walk and run around the places...

we took only 4 rides in total coz there was a lot of Q and rides are all at different places.... god damn.... we missed out Elmo show T~T

we took JP ride, which wasn:t quite scary but somehow lots of screaming cause the whole thing to sound scary haha....

after tat we went for Snoopy slide ride where me and min sat the float down the slide...

OMG OMG OMG quite scary!!! but i was quite scare that I could only laugh even when min called me... i couldnt answer her at all.... damn....

after slide was the Snoopy race ride another 怖いride.... i didn:t scream either coz i had fisherman in mouth ahha... cant scream....

having bad cough ever since the start of the trip and now i am still suffering from it... T~T

last ride was the merry-go-round ride at Land of Oz.... I love Land of Oz.... one of my favorite shows all time round....

took lots of photos and I really really ♥ USJ... I ♥ Elmo!!! so many things that i am tempted to buy but money matters....

after USJ was the trip down to Ohkura shop back at Shinsaibashi... if u asked me why we didn:t go in the first place is becoz the place only opens at 5pm hahaha and we spent time at USJ till 8 plus hoho...

anyways reached there and we missed the shop 3 times -.-

lucky for us that there was no Q and there was place for the 4 of us to sit...

i love the food there especially the melted cheeze on mochi xDDDD 超美味しです!

it has the QQ feel haha...

the rest of the food are just hmmmm normal but nice xDDDD

we asked the train master wat time was the last train back to Shin-Osaka before we reached and thinking it was safe to stay there and eat, we walked back to see the train master closing the Subway line O=o やばい!!

we had to walk in the cold to the JR line and guess wat? the train we took was the last train back to Osaka!!!! and when we reached Osaka there was no more train back to Shin-Osaka...

we asked the train master if we could walk back to Shin-Osaka, reply back was it is an hour walk back to Shin-Osaka (faints)

the only way was to take cab back and our fare was ¥1530

but not so back since it was splitted amg the 4 of us.... i counted tt as already unlucky but i couldnt believed that our luck was worse on the 4th day....

next day, 4th day in Japan was the day to Yokohama first where we visited Tegopan;s family business.... at the place call OKAY

超すげな!the place occupies at least 1/2 of the 4th level of the shopping center....

lots of nice things there but i didn:t get anything there coz there was nothing i could really want that i will willing to afford for it...

well, i almost did wanted a buta frying pan but somehow i feel that i wouldnt be cooking eggs or pancake much might as well save da money...

Shannon got a bu-chan pot ahahahxDDD 超可愛い!!i call da pot Machu-chan xDDDD

After Tego:s OKAY we headed down to Koyama:s ramen shop....

again we asked the train master the last train to Shin-Yokohama and the last Shinankan before we head to the ramen shop... before i head into any details of our unluckyness lets talk abt how nice the food there....

i ordered mabodashi ramen, min and shan ordered chasu ramen and shannon ordered ryuumen... xDDD every thing there was really nice and it was really different from what we get to eat in Singapore...

also teh goyza was 超うまいです!!!小山ママ!!!ラメン超うまい!!!

after dinner we decided to leave and we struggled a little if we should tell her we are from Singapore... hahaha

in the end we did xDDD the whole shop was practically starring at us... oh wells, we were speaking English all the time...

and Koyama mama was sooo nice!!!! xDDDD and She:s pretty too!!! (^-^)

ok, back to densha problem.... we managed to catch the trains back to Shin-Yokohama...

but we still werent safe...

we missed the last shinankansen that we could take with our JR pass and they were left with Nozomi trains back to Shin-Osaka.... no way can we afford Nozomi ....

one tix will cost around ¥13,000 there is seriously no way....

we almost took the moonlight train back to Shin-Osaka....

so we struggled along the way like should we take Shinkansen back to Nagoya first and see how we should go about it...

Or should we book a hotel and stay or a love caspule...

while deciding Shannon suddenly say, or should we go K instead... O-o yes in the middle of nowhere at night...

so we wondered around first and me and Shannon actually went into the Police station just to ask where are teh Kbox area!!! O=o

OMG, the police at first was like `what do u want to report` tat kind of face...

when we asked them abt the Kbox they still can funny funny answer us haha... which is kinda cute xDDDDD

anyways while walking down the streets to get hinted for kb0x, we kinda got hinted by 3 n the last one was the most funny one... xDDD the previous one gave us the offer @ 10 plus starting each will be ¥3,500 instead of ¥3,600.... so we said we:ll think about it

after tat the other company Kb0x person approached us and gave us the offer of ¥3,000 at that time xDDD LOL!!! someone said this which make me burst into laughter right in front of the guy.... i think it was Shan who said this `wah! he cannot convincent us, he call for a kakoii guy to convincent us` LOL!!!!

anyways we took it ..... ¥3,000 up to 5 am with free flow of drinks....

and I think I sang for at least 4~5 hours... no wonder my throat nearly killed itself....

min-chan was quite unwilling with the idea at first but after that she was also cho hyper about singing K in Japan xDDDD

at 5 we went off to the JR area and waited till 530 just for the JR to open!!! LOL!!! seriously i wonder if i will experience things like tat ever again... which I am hoping not but it was seriously and experience that its really most memorable and i dunno how to describe it....

we experience the fear of missing our train, we experience the joy of singing in K @ Japan, we experience the feel of the night life in Yokokama ....

5th day was more of a rest day for us...

after getting back to teh hotel, we rest a little while and headed down back to Dotonburi...

Our favorite shopping area in Osaka xDDD hahaha

we went around to buy some food omiyage and ate Takoyaki!!! 超うまいです!!!

seriously Singapore:s Takoyaki cannot compare with the ones in Osaka!!!

The taste is different... feels very QQ and the Tako portion is really very very big as compared... xDDD how i wish i am still in Osaka now so I can eat more Takoyaki!!!! ♥

anyways found teh unofficial Johnnys shop, which was right in front of the Tatsuya bookstore.... xDDD

nothing there appeals nice to me...

anyways we headed back to the hotel and ate Indo curry.... *-* 美味しです!!!

yea and today early morning, 4 of us were dragging our luggage and seriously I was still wondering how on earth did the 4 of us managed to drag our overweight luggage and backpacks and hand luggage all the way to the station....

slept on the shinkansen and teh tsubasa railway ride...

took tired i guess all of us... almost missed our stop at Kumamoto

we had lunch there and seriously before that I was regretted why do we have to travel all the way down just to watch NEWS con and now my thoughts have totally changed

I am glad that I have to travel all the way down just to watch NEWS con coz we get to eat the 超うまいラメン!!! even better than the ones in Kei-chan ramen shop....

it is like u will nv get tired of the ramen even if u eat everyday!!!

Kumamoto ramen plus NEWS con = pure ♥

NEWS con is even better this time round!!!!!

we were like 10 ~ 15 m away from teh side alley stage and when they came over I could really see their features really really very clearly!!!

Shige-san eye lides are really really very very beautiful!!!!

Pi-chan really have wonderful complexion

Tegoshi is as cute as ever

Keii-chan is really getting more handsome in person

I ♥ Ryo-chan smile

Massu is really very friendly and cute

Overall all NEWS member did came by our side alley!!!

Especially Shige-san, Tegopan, Massu and Keii-chan!!!

Shige Shige Shige Shige Shige Shige

haha everyone loves Shige and during the MC talk I think they had really nothing to talk

everything was super random.... but was cute !!!

優しこやちゃん!!!tat was what they called Keii-chan when they were on the topic of 「the 優し小山君」 even Ryo also said that Keii-chan was yasashi!!! いいねの感じ

but this time round Pi wasnt noisy

the noisy one was as usual, Shige and Koyama

Massu this time round really had much lots to say, Ryo just chipped in a little

Tegopan was just too quiet... but he was really very cute at the very beginning telling all of us to say 「だいちゅき!」naughty as usual ... Koyama asked Tego to stop doing it hahaa....

Shige, Massu, Tego, Keii, Ryo saw us and waved at us.... all the eye contact (flaps)

I die as a cho happy fangirl haha....

ok more con report when i get back home with pictures and stuffs.... xDDDD

now back in the イン bloggin at the lobby as usual and my room mate Shan beside me...

She finished blogging alreay waiting and waiting haha....

well its already 1:12am here and we are supposed to sleep at be awake by 4 am to catch our shinkansen to Tokyo!!!!

we are going Tokyo later and its a 6 hour trip...

oh wells shall catch some sleep later on the train...

it is seriously very very very cold here that my fingers are literally frozen and now while i am typing my skin kinda stretched a little?

I dunno how to explain but my fingers are just froze into place and cant really bend damn...

my poor poor poor fingers...


and they are shaking shivering now... T~T

oh wells, i think i better catch some sleep first if not i wonder how am i supposed to push my luggage?!!!

I have added more omiyage from Kumamoto which ramen are really good here.... lots of interesting foods getting back home ....

ok ok.... i will blog later in Tokyo if i have da time tat is.... well again without pictures even though I am really tempted to post pictures here first especially both NEWS con pictures!!!!!

time to sleep.... 寝て。


An experience that I will nv forget.....

as the title says.....

we only got back to the hotel this morning around 10 am ....

practically stayed out the whole nite... ^%$#^%$@^%#@%

details shall be filled in later when I come down to the lobby and blog again...

seems like there's a bunch of people coming to check in haha...

so weird to be blogging here with them behind me checking in.... :P

wanna know more? get a brief update @ yamashita_min.....

My fingers are drying up soon~~~

I hope they won't drop off when I am in Kumamoto T_T
&lt;3 Tegoshi



yay!!!! Right now I am in Japan Hotel bloggin this yay.... ^-^v嬉しいよね。

today is our 3rd day in Japan, Osaka area to be exact and later we are going to USJ ♥ cant wait to go there....

ytd was our NEWS CONCERT in HIROSHIMA (peace)


山ぴさんちょっと煩いな。with Keii-chan.... that was for ytd MC part....

Poor Shige-san was being bullied during the MC part.... haha

it was a really long MC i think it lasted around 30 mins or more.... yea...

anyways it was really a great concert and Shige-san looks a lot thinner as compared...

more report about the concert when I get back....

but before that I ♥ the big big diamond that they came out from ...

everything ytd was purely ♥ (dies from all the excitment ytd)

okie gotta go soon its almost 10 am here soon haha....

time check...

&lt;3 Tegoshi


Going to fly soon ~~~ in less than 24 hours...

Will be back only on the 23rd Dec....

I think I'll miss out a lot of things haha....

ja ne minna.....